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central coast tree loppers
central coast tree loppers

Customer Testimonials

Gerald Chute
Gerald Chute
The team made quick work of a few large trees and stumps on our property in Matcham. Excellent service and prices. Thanks again team!
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith
Thank you to the guys for coming over and removing a large Eucalyptus tree from our property. Really happy with the service, great prices too.
Jannie Myers
Jannie Myers
Our property in Bateau Bay had 3 palm trees dropping seeds and leaves in our pool. We wanted a professional tree lopper to come in an remove them for us. After organising a quote and time they got the work done safely and effectively. Wonderful service and a great team of Arborists. They are obviously very experienced. Thank you again.
Steven McReynolds
Steven McReynolds
Tree Care Central Coast arrived on time and quickly got to work. They were very professional throughout the whole process, ensuring safety and efficiency. I was pleasantly surprised by how little mess they left after they finished removing the tree from our garden – it was virtually spotless! All in all, I had a great experience with Tree Care Central Coast and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tree removal services.
Tara Allen
Tara Allen
I recently used the services of Tree Care Central Coast for tree removal and was incredibly impressed with their work. The team arrived on time and quickly got to work. They were very professional throughout the whole process, ensuring safety and efficiency. I was pleasantly surprised by how little mess they left after they finished removing the tree from our garden – it was virtually spotless! All in all, I had a great experience with Tree Care Central Coast and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for tree removal services.
Shanae Rose
Shanae Rose
I had a couple of very large trees needing tree removal located at the edge of my property which was extremely dangerous for people walking past with the constant falling branches from the windy weather. I contacted central coast tree care for a quote and within days the trees were safely removed. Can’t thank the team enough !

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Tree Lopping Central Coast

Patrick McGrath Tree Services

Are you looking for a reliable Central Coast Tree Lopping  Service?

Patrick McGrath Tree Service is here to help. We provide a wide range of services to homeowners and businesses in the area, including tree removal, tree thinning, and more.

We’re fully insured and have over 10 years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that your trees are in safe hands. Contact us today for a free quote!

We offer professional Tree Services such as:

Patrick McGrath is a locally owned family business that offers professional and licensed Arborist services to the Central Coast, NSW area.

Central Coast Tree Services

Central Coast Arborists

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Tree Removal Central Coast

We offer professional tree removal services all over the Central Coast. We have all the best tools and equipment to get the job done right.


There is no doubt that trees are a beautiful and great addition to any property and landscaping in general. Whether it is a decorative tree in your front yard or a large tree in your backyard, trees add beauty and provide shade. They are also a great corner for kids to explore and can attract different wildlife species to your property.


A tree can make you feel like a part of nature and have a positive feeling.

Emergency Tree Removals

We offer a 24/7 service to residents on the Central Coast offering Emergency Tree services when nature strikes.


If you require assistance give us a call at (02) 4306 7828.

Palm Tree Removals

Palm Trees grow well in our climate, however, they can grow out of control.

Palm tree removal can be a dangerous and difficult task, but with the right expertise, it can be done safely and effectively.

At Patrick McGrath Tree Services, we have years of experience in lopping, pruning and removing Palm Trees on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

With our specialist expertise and equipment, you can be assured your Palm Tree Removal will go smoothly.

Palm Tree Tidying

Looking for a reliable Palm Tree Tidying Service?

Tidying up, trimming and pruning your Palm Trees can be a cost-effective way to keep them under control and enhance the look of your yard or property.

At Patrick McGrath Tree Services we can do just that.

Call for a free quote.

Would you like to turn an old stump into wood chips?


Our qualified Arborists will safely and quickly grind down any remaining stumps, leaving your property neat and clear of any unwanted tree stumps.


If you’re looking for Qualified Central Coast Arborists we can help! We cater to both residential and Commercial Clients.

Looking for affordable stump removal services on the Central Coast? Do you have a stump in the way on your property?

Stump removal can be a tricky task but with Patrick McGrath Tree Service on the Central Coast, you can rest assured your stump will be removed professionally and effectively.

We work closely with our clients to ensure safe and efficient stump removal service, ensuring your property looks great (and tidy) after the job is done.


We have access to the best equipment on the market. Let us safely and effectively perform stump removal for you!


Our stump removal services are affordable, effective and reliable.

Tree Lopping

At Patrick McGrath Tree Services, we can help with your Tree Lopping needs.


Our expert team of Central Coast Tree Loppers have invaluable local expertise and utilises the latest equipment to ensure any job is completed quickly and professionally.


We service all areas on the Central Coast and cater to Residential customers and commercial clients.


Our trained Arborists have the experience and management skills to expertly achieve your desired results with any tree.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning and maintenance are essential for maintaining healthy trees.


Our professional Tree Pruners have years of expertise in the Central Coast area and can provide you with expert advice on how to best maintain your trees.


We can carry out any tree pruning job, big or small! We work with both residential and commercial clients all over the Coast.

Land Clearing

At Patrick McGrath Tree Services, we understand how important it is to have your land cleared successfully.

Whether you need clearing for a construction site or just to tidy up your yard, our team offer Central Coast Tree Services to a high standard.

We have the right equipment and knowledge to ensure that your land clearing job is done professionally, safely and efficiently. Speak to us the Central Coast Tree Removal and Land Clearing Experts.

Top Reasons For Removing A Tree

There are certain situations when a problem tree cannot be fixed with trimming or pruning. In this situation, tree removal is the only option left. Here are some of the reasons why removing the tree is the only option:

  • Improve the curb value of the house.
  • Make space for house footprint expansions.
  • If it is attracting pests and bugs
  • Safety concerns
  • If the roots of the trees are impeding on house foundations etc


If you find yourself in any of the above situations and want the tree removed anywhere on Central Coast, our arborists can assist you.

We employ the best arborists and staff who use only modern equipment and approved techniques. We make it a priority to provide the highest standards of safety on all job sites. We can remove all types of trees in the Central Coast area.

Central Coast Arborists - Why Choose Us?

Certified Experts

Our Professional Team of Qualified Arborists have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.


A Professional Manner, Industry Leading Equipment and Expertise together will deliver an amazing job that will make you happy you chose us.

Quality Services

We strive to deliver excellent value to our customers. We take the time to listen to what you want.


With proper project management of all jobs and excellent levels of tree maintenance and tree management services, we have positioned Patrick McGrath Tree Services are the forerunner for the highest standard on the Coast.

Affordable Pricing

Tree Care is our passion and we aim to provide competitive quotes to our valued clients. Whether you are after a residential or commercial service we can help with great prices!


Save money by using our services on the central coast. Contact for a written quote now.

Safety Standards

Tree Care can be a high-risk job. Ensure that you work with a company that adheres to the strict rules imposed by the regulators on the Central Coast.


Our team has an excellent track record of safety, and as a testament to this, we have a growing list of happy clients.

Fully Insured

Our qualified Arborists are ready to tackle your tree service projects. Our experienced team has public liability insurance that covers your property and your neighbour’s property. We can discuss details with you during our site visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to remove a tree on the Central Coast, NSW, starts at $600 up to $5,000.


The factors that go into the price of tree removal are:

  • Size of the tree
  • Hazards in the area
  • Location of the tree
  • Access to the tree
  • Type of the tree


We offer free quotes.

We get this question all the time. Our answer is the same every time – We need to see the tree/site first. There are so many factors that go into pricing a quote that it’s hard to do it over the phone alone.


We can organise a site visit where a qualified Arborist can discuss different options and come up with a suitable price for all budgets.

A Tree Lopper is a Tree Service worker that may have a great deal of experience and knowledge but has not committed to formal education.


Certified Arborists have gone through formal training and certification to a standard that is recognised by the state/territory they are in.


Both of the above can offer a professional service, however, Arborists have a better track record of safety and successful tree care jobs.


Yes, certain rules pertaining to each council are found on the Central Coast. It is best to speak with a Certified Arborist to see which central coast council you fall under.


It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to tree removal Central Coast.


The rules are there to protect the environment and to manage the trees found in our region in a sustainable way.

Normally, Stump Grinding is the cheaper alternative to choose compared to stump removal.

There are two options discussed below that would suit different objectives. Depending on what the plan is for the space the tree stump is currently in will decide what option you will take.


Stump Removal


You may want to engage a stump removal service company for your property for many reasons. It may have died, has caught some disease or just blocks a building or extension project. When you have a stubborn tree stump removed from your yard, Central Coast Tree Care is here to help!

Stump removal needs specific knowledge and skills – the ones we have with years of hands-on experience. We are equipped with the right tools and training to deal with such tasks.

Stump Grinding 


Most people think that maintaining trees on their property is all about trimming the branches or felling the dead trees. But there is an important aspect of trees that many property owners often overlook. Once the tree is felled, what needs to be done with the tree stump? Grinding it is the best solution if you have an ugly stump left behind on your property.

Stump grinding is the process of flattening a tree’s stump without going through the hard process of extracting all its roots. Here, the roots of the trees are not pulled out, and the stump is turned into flat ground.


In this process, a specialised tool is used to churn the tree trunk and levelling it to the point where the roots can no longer sustain it. The roots left gradually die and decompose on their own.


Looking for a reliable and affordable stump grinding company? Our professional team can provide an excellent stump grinding management service.